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Signs of Global Strength

It's official. International buyers continue to identify the United States as a desirable place not only to own property, but also to make a profitable investment.

According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2013 Profile of International Home Buying Activity, total residential international sales in the United States equaled $68.2 billion for the year ending March 2013. International sales now are roughly 6.3 percent of the total U.S. housing market.

Notably, while many homes purchased by foreign buyers are used as a primary residence, vacation and rental use are also major reasons for a purchase. All totaled, 64 percent of international buyers purchased detached single-family homes, according to REALTOR® data. In the foreseeable future, that strong activity is expected to continue, mirroring the general housing market nationwide.

Sales to
International Buyers

Sales Dollar Volume of U.S. Residential
Property to International Buyers.

April 2012 - March 2013

Why Invest in the United States?

Generally speaking, with its large and diversified economy, the United States is the premier location for investment.

The U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) of approximately $15 trillion in 2012 is significantly larger than the GDP of any other country.

From a housing perspective, recent advantageous market conditions have drawn increasing interest from foreign buyers, including U.S. economic strength, low housing prices, solid demand, strong rental rates and attractive exchange rates.

"Foreign buyers recognize that owning a home in the U.S. has many benefits, both financial and social. Many purchase property as an investment, vacation home or to diversify their portfolio. In addition, many recent immigrants view homeownership as an important accomplishment. They believe that being a homeowner is one of many ways they become established in the U.S. and attain stability, security and a sense of community."

Moe VeissiPresident, National Association of REALTORS®

Where Are the Real Estate Hot Spots?

Lennar builds across the
U.S.A. in 19 states.

Lennar builds across the U.S.A.
In over 50 of the most desirable markets:

  • Arizona





    Fresno/Central Valley

    Inland Empire

    Los Angeles/Valencia

    Orange County

    Palm Springs/Coachella


    San Diego

    San Francisco/Bay Area





  • Florida


    Fort Lauderdale

    Jacksonville/St. Augustine




    Naples/Fort Myers


    Palm Beach









    Maryland/DC Metro



  • Minnesota

    Minneapolis/St. Paul


    Las Vegas


    New Jersey

    Burlington Township


    Mays Landing

    Monroe Township

    Morris Plains

    Rockaway Township



    North Carolina





  • South Carolina



    Myrtle Beach





    Dallas/Fort Worth



    San Antonio



    Southern Virginia

    Virginia/DC Metro




Selection + Markets

Of the ideal lifestyle markets across the United States,
these four show especially strong growth:

Vacation Homes

The sales of investment and vacation homes remain strong across the U.S.

In 2012, vacation-home sales rose 10.1% while the median vacation-home price rose by 23.7%. Analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data shows there are 42.8 million investment units and 8 million vacation homes in the United States, compared with 75.3 million owner-occupied homes.

Multi-Generational Homes

Homes designed to accommodate an expanded family is the newest trend in the housing industry.

In response to this growing trend, Lennar offers NEXT GENSM – The Home within a Home®. It's a complete suite with bedroom, eat-in kitchenette and living room. It can be integrated into a home's living space or kept as a private residence.


Buyers 55 years and older are showing no signs of slowing.

Using construction starts as an indicator of home sales activity, the National Association of Home Builders states the number of homes in age-targeted communities increased by over 20% in 2013 with an anticipated increase of an additional 20% in 2014.

Green Homes

The sales of green homes are expected to increase between 29% and 38% within the total residential market by 2016.

The West Coast has seen the highest growth of green home sales since green building practices were introduced. Buyers recognize that the purchase of green homes comes not only with the peace of mind of environmental responsibility, but also lower monthly utility bills.

Lennar's International Appeal

While international buyers increasingly point to the United States as a destination for their real estate dollars, Lennar is well positioned to meet the needs of those buyers.

Founded in 1954 and listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1972, Miami-based Lennar Homes is one of the leading home builders in the United States, having built more than 750,000 homes in more than 50 of the most desirable cities. In addition, Lennar has the requisite specialized skills—cultural awareness, language capabilities and transaction expertise—to serve the international market, along with attractive prices and products to meet every lifestyle.

Quality. Value. Integrity.SM

Our commitment to these three principles is the foundation upon which we were built, and this commitment continues to guide us every day.

Lennar is the leading builder of quality new homes in the most desirable real estate markets across the United States. Lennar's home plans demonstrate a commitment to customers by showcasing outstanding new home construction and a dedication to excellence in homebuilding.

Everything's Included®

Lennar asked thousands of buyers what they wanted most in a home, and then Lennar simply included them.

Lennar homes feature thousands of dollars in extras, including amenities, the latest technology and smart efficiencies. It’s all to ensure that every buyer gets the best value in every purchase. Everything's Included doesn't mean "one size fits all." Each Lennar community across the nation has its own personality with its own comprehensive set of Everything's Included features. And with so many outstanding Lennar communities to choose from, you're sure to find the Lennar home that's right for you.

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